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Starmonte Holdings Africa

For a Secure & Prosperous Africa.

Distributors in Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar since 1991. 

Supplying Africa Is What We Do.

Starmonte is Supplying Quality Projects in Tanzania, Mozambique & Madagascar.

Mines, Drilling & Office Supply 

Starmonte own and operate mines & off-shore drilling projects across East Africa.


Distribution services to mines and offshore drilling rigs in East Africa play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of these industries. These remote locations require specialized logistics solutions to transport equipment, supplies, and personnel to and from the sites.

Mines and drilling rigs operate under demanding conditions, often in challenging terrain or harsh weather. Efficient distribution services are essential to ensure that operations run smoothly and that production targets are met. Timely delivery of critical supplies such as fuel, drilling equipment, and spare parts can prevent costly downtime and maintain productivity.

In East Africa, the mining industry is experiencing significant growth, with several new projects underway. The offshore oil and gas industry is also expanding, with exploration activities taking place in deepwater fields. This growth has created a demand for reliable distribution services that can navigate the unique challenges of these industries.

Efficient logistics solutions for mines and offshore drilling rigs require specialized knowledge and experience. This includes expertise in customs clearance, freight forwarding, and transportation management. It also requires a deep understanding of the regulatory environment and local conditions.

At the heart of successful distribution services for mines and offshore drilling rigs in East Africa is a commitment to safety, reliability, and efficiency. By partnering with experienced logistics providers, these industries can ensure that they have the resources and expertise they need to operate successfully in this dynamic and challenging environment.

Our distribution network is geared towards:

  • Mines

  • Off-Shore & Deepwater Drilling Projects

  • Cargo Ships

  • Offices

Our product range includes:

  • Coffee Beans & Capsules

  • Coffee Machines

  • Stationary

  • Energy Drinks

  • Long-Life Bars & Snacks

  • Soft Drinks & Beer

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NGO & Aid Relief Supppy

Supplying aid relief programs in East Africa can be a critical lifeline for vulnerable populations affected by natural disasters, conflicts, and poverty.


NGOs and aid relief organizations rely on timely and efficient delivery of essential supplies to reach those in need.


The provision of food, clean water, medical supplies, and shelter can make a significant impact in the lives of millions of people facing hardship.

Effective supply chain management is crucial to ensure the success of aid relief programs.


This includes the procurement, transportation, and distribution of supplies to remote and hard-to-reach areas.


Challenges such as poor infrastructure, political instability, and logistical barriers can hinder the delivery of aid.


Therefore, innovative approaches such as the use of drones, local partnerships, and digital tracking systems can help overcome these challenges.

In East Africa, where droughts, floods, and conflicts are common, the demand for aid relief is always high.


However, with the right strategies and resources, NGOs and aid relief programs can make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it the most.


By working together, we can help build stronger, more resilient communities in the region.

Our clients include and not limited to:

  1. UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund

  2. Save the Children

  3. World Vision

  4. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

  5. Oxfam

  6. CARE International

  7. Action Against Hunger

  8. Mercy Corps

  9. Handicap International

  10. Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement

These organizations provide a range of humanitarian services including food aid, healthcare, education, clean water and sanitation, emergency shelter, and protection for vulnerable populations affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and poverty.


They operate in various countries across East Africa, including Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Tanzania.

Our product range includes:

  • Coffee Beans & Capsules

  • Vitamins

  • Medical Equipment

  • PPE Equipment

  • Stationary

  • Energy Drinks

  • Long-Life Bars & Snacks

  • Soft Drinks 

  • Water Filtration 

  • Batteries

  • Apparel & Footwear

Civil Security & Military Supply.

Starmonte plays an important role in the security industry by providing essential products and services to security companies in our region.

We supply a wide range of equipment and supplies, including surveillance systems, access control systems, alarm systems, personal protective equipment, and more.

As a reliable distributor, we provide local security companies and military branches with high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring that their clients receive the best possible protection.


We also offer technical support, training, and maintenance services to help security companies operate more efficiently and effectively.

In East Africa, where security concerns are prevalent, the demand for reliable security services and equipment is high.

Our product range includes:

  • Tactical Clothing & Footwear

  • Electronic Communications

  • Sights & Optics

  • Holsters & Pouches

  • Alarm Systems

  • Batons & Cuffs

  • Torches & Lighting

  • Knives, Axes & Multitools

  • Batteries

About Us
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Who We Are

About Our Company

Welcome to Starmonte Holdings Africa, serving East African mines, NGOs, and security companies with quality food, beverage, medical and security products since 1991.

For over 30 years, our company has been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional service. We understand the unique needs and challenges of our customers in the mining, NGO, and security industries and have tailored our products and services to meet those needs.

We pride ourselves on our extensive network of suppliers and partners, which allows us to source the best coffee beans, energy drinks, long life food, medical products and security equipment from around the world.


Our team of experienced professionals works tirelessly to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that they are delivered on time and at a competitive price.

Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the East African market.


We are proud to have built strong relationships with our customers, and we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services to better meet their needs.

We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate, and we are actively involved in several social and environmental initiatives in the region.


We are committed to supporting sustainable development and making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner in East Africa.


We look forward to continuing to serve you with our high-quality products and exceptional service for many years to come.


Year of Establishment




Professional Employees


Business Partners

Our Partners

We believe each supplier is a long term partnership

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