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As a humanitarian procurement agency, Starmonte aims to source, and deliver medical products, drugs, equipment, food, beverage and additional support services for international aid and humanitarian organisations in East Africa.


As well as unique expertise in the production and preparation of first aid kits, Starmonte uses a rigorous quality assurance system for all humanitarian equipment and, in particular, for medicines.

This procurement centres located in Dar Es Salaam & Maputo searches across the world for cost-effective and efficient solutions for each mission.

Starmonte undertakes the risks responsibility of of ensuring the reliability, of the medical and non-medical Supply Chain to respond to the needs of operations our clients.


Starmonte is an independent, apolitical, privately funded procurement agency created and controlled by InterMed Switzerland,  which holds 74.00 % of the shares of its subsidiary.

Starmonte has no involvement and coordination with political organisations, government advocacy groups and foreign intelligence agencies.

Starmonte works with development humanitarian organisations, non-profit associations or institutions with a social objective. Our customers must prove their independence relative to all political or military organisations and agree not to resell the products sold.


The HPC is a recognition made by the European Commission Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection

Humanitarian Procurement Centres (“HPC”) are not-for-profit organisations specialised in the technical and commercial management of supplies and services necessary for the implementation of humanitarian actions. They can provide technical assistance in procurement or supply pre-established stocks, purchasing or logistics capacity.

Regardless of the form of their legal establishment HPCs must be non profit organisations maintaining high standards of integrity and transparency etc.

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