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Starmonte's specialised procurement team works to purchase goods, works and services from suppliers across the globe.

The key guiding principles for the procurement service is to ensure, in adherence with its mandate, the timely acquisition of the right quality of products, works and services, whilst addressing:

  • Economy and effectiveness;

  • The transparency and accountability of the process;

  • A strict adherence to legal requirements, and a commitment to ethical sourcing standards; and

  • The proper management of risks that may threaten the supply chain or the wider organisation.

Inventory Management

To improve supply to its missions, Starmonte sets up stocks of certain articles to:

  • Reduce delivery time by avoiding procurement time at the supplier

  • Accelerate the production of kits

  • Profit from advantageous prices granted from a certain volume.

Starmonte manages stocks economically trying to minimise goods shortages and surpluses.

Starmonte also manages a stock reserved for emergency responses (natural catastrophes, population movements, conflicts, epidemics, etc.).


To reduce delivery times to a maximum this emergency stock is prepositioned in our warehouses and available 24/24h, 7/7d.

Order Management

Starmonte  is responsible for the delivery of ordered products within the delivery times desired by the principals, in compliance with the quality and supplier approval rules.

The order management process controlled by extends from procurement to customs clearance. The customer takes over responsibility for this management from the customs clearance point to the final delivery to the destination port.

Starmonte ensures that delivery times are reduced to the minimum by accelerating the ordering process.


Starmonte takes responsibility for all logistics of the ordered goods to the missions, taking the nature of each product into account. Our highly experiences team adapts its means of transport (road, sea, air, charter) to suit each product.


Sensitive articles are subject to special measures: temperature control (logtag), specific packaging, etc.

The shipper also ensures the availability of the necessary important documents depending on the destination country.

And finally, for all transport, Starmonte follows the appropriate legislation, for customs and product compliance (GDP, hazardous products, etc.).

Trade Finance & Credit

Starmonte operates on a positive cash-flow basis, which allows our customer to receive products on 120 day credit terms (pending approval). This affords our customers the ability to order on demand and receive goods as soon as possible without seeking the necessary funds required. 

Sales prices are calculated based on serviceability model. 

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